Personalized Online Coaching

We create personalized, goal-oriented programs.

Burn stubborn body fat

Improve strength, coordination and balance

Build lean muscle mass

Increase your energy, health and well being.

Nutrition Coaching

Training is only half the equation. You need good nutrition to get the results you want. We tailor a plan based on your goals, specific to you. No more fad diets or restricting foods.

Fitness Plans

Personalized workout plans based on your fitness level and goals. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned vet, we write a program that is customized to you!

Coaching for Hunters and the Outdoors

Whether you hunt in a treestand or chase game in the mountains, we can help you improve your hunting skills and continue to enjoy hunting for a long time. Get started with our free 30 Days to Mountain Ready Program.

“I started my 8 week base camp with Peak Wellness Coaching on Monday. When I saw what my macros were I almost had a heart attack. It’s not because I didn’t trust them, it’s because I was in such a calorie deficiency prior to contacting them. Like how the hell is eating more going to get me to my goal?

I’m now eating foods (bread, pasta, rice, fruits) that I had previously completely eliminated from my diet when trying to lose weight and get fit. I’ve upped my protein intake, which has been my main focus.

The workouts are amazing! I actually enjoy them. I’ve actually lost weight. The coaches know what they are doing and are super knowledgeable.”


Start your journey NOW!

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